Naturopathic Doctor Charlotte, NC

Naturopathic Physician in Charlotte, NCHomeopathic medicine has gained more attention over the past years. Americans are becoming more educated and informed on the advantages of holistic healing and allowing the body to detox towards good health.

As a naturopathic physician, I guide my clients to understanding how their own body is their best guide to quality health. By way of using protocols I focus on ways that causes the human body to develop and maintain good health.

As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I adhere to the use of alternative medicine to awaken what the body already has to offer in cleansing itself towards healing.

I am certified in Iridology, Eden Energy medicine and a Master Herbologist. These avenues aid me in helping my patients gain an improved lifestyle and dissemble the barriers that inhibit Energy Wellness.

Another area of focus is in allergies and how they are a root to many of the disorders; headaches, joint pain, cough; that disrupt our body. Through NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), many of these allergies are dealt with by natural focus on environmental and food factors.

Naturopathic Physician in Charlotte, NCThrough the use of Zyto technology, your body is able to “answer” the questions put to it to help gain clarity as to what may be physically and chemically causing health problems. Through the use of Biofeedback you can learn to initiate more cognitive control over various functions of your body that are normally of an involuntary nature.

My practice is about giving your mind and body the encouragement it needs to combat the health issues that plague us every day, which in turn improves overall well-being.