Therapies Offered

If you’ve been struggling to heal physical conditions with medications and have had little success, alternative medicine may be the answer for you.

Energy Therapy & Wellness of Charlotte, NC offers several holistic therapies and energy healing techniques to help clients manage physical pain, allergies and emotional stresses.

Learn self-care energy therapy techniques by joining Eva every Thursday for energy healing classes.

If you have any questions about the energy healing therapies offered, please contact Eva.

Modalities Offered:


Diodes neutralize the harmful electromagnetic field and act as a rectifier by keeping the body’s energies and meridians in perfect balance. Depending on analog, digital or wireless frequencies, the Amazing Diode Formula has a range of 47-60 energy frequencies that will counteract these harmful electromagnetic fields. The diode Formula is molded into different forms and shaped to be worn on the body or placed on devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

Many people notice that wearing a Diode or placing a Diode on their computer or other electrical appliances helps reduce stress, fatigue, eyestrain and other effects associated with working around electrical equipment.

Focus Cradle

Computerized evaluation device used to assess the body in order to determine which herbs, supplements and homeopathics would most benefit your body’s needs.

Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Response Testing is a diagnostic technique that is a viable, efficient and effective tool for determining the body’s needs. MRT is a method of Applied Kinesiology, a derivative of the ancient art of Acupuncture, which was developed by the Chinese between 3000 and 25 BC.

Sensitivity Testing

I use MRT (Muscle Response Testing) and Iridology to assess the body’s weakness and needs.