Every year I cleanse the colon in January, the gallbladder around Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday! Ha! No pun intended), and then I move into a liver cleanse over Lent. I don’t always do these cleanses then, but it helps to have a schedule so you remember to do it!

Some important information about cleansing:

  • It is important to cleanse under the supervision of a professional. You don’t want to put the body in shock, so I always prepare the body to cleanse.
  • You want to make sure you do not have a minerals sensitivity because you need minerals to take you through the two (2) phases of cleansing.
  • On another note, if you do a salt water flush and have a salt sensitivity, you won’t feel too well! Or if you do the Master Cleanse, which involves lots of lemons, and you have a citrus or sugar allergy, you won’t feel good or lose much weight.
  • I suggest coming in for a tune-up and making sure you zap a few toxins and clear yourself of sensitivities so you can cleanse with ease and grace.
  • It all helps make your cleansing a much more pleasant experience. Headaches and stomach aches are no fun! I have been cleansing for years and avoid this at all costs.
  • The preparations for this process have become very efficient at the office where you can rid toxins while we are testing for sensitivities. And no more diets for the sensitivity part. Yea!

For the colon, here are a few options:

  • Nature’s Sunshine has several cleanses, like the Tiao He Cleanse (stock number 3050-5). You can go to www.naturessunshine.com and sign up using 1595318 as the sponsor number. There is no fee to join, just a $ 40.00 min. order and you can get the products at wholesale.
  • You can do a coffee enema.
  • Get a colonic (That’s what I do.).
  • Do the salt water flush (detailed in the Master Cleanse). I have done this flush many times!)

I usually get a colonic and then do occasional salt water flushes throughout the year seasonally.