So far this year, many people have been sick! Even schools have closed due to the flu. Remember to do your Daily Energy Routine: at least, the 3 thumps, hook up and zip-up. You can find these techniques HERE. Taking echinacea and/or Vitamin C or Nature’s Sunshine Elderberry Immune are a few internal options to boost the immune system. Taking the time to be quiet, praying or meditating can prevent you from attracting these illnesses in the first place.

During the latter part of 2017, I took 3 classes that enabled me to expand and integrate new sophisticated tools to make YOUR energy sessions more powerful.

  • Light Therapy with Geometric shapes used to clear, renew, dissolve and expand and heal on many levels.
  • Sound Therapy with tuning forks used in the energetic field and on the body. It is amazing to see how the sound frequencies can dissolve “wounded soul fragments” in the energetic field.
  • Cranial sacral class with The Upledger Institute teaching how listening to the body can assist with healing. Cranial work is instrumental with skeletal issues, and I continue to do monthly training sessions.

As most of you know, I am always shifting, expanding, and developing new skills to expedite YOUR healing process. We used to do sensitivity removal one vial at a time while avoiding the sensitivity for 25 hours. That protocol is now obsolete! The same results can be attained by doing multiple vials at the same time with no food restrictions. And, for more convenience, remote evaluations and sensitivities are available.

Ease and grace is what we are after! Remote work is more common outside of the Southeast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these same conveniences. It is just like receiving prayers from your support group and seeing the miracles happen. Likewise, I am sending a finely tuned focused prayer when I do remote work! I am here to support you, wherever you are! Sensitivity Removal, Eden Energy work and Zapping Frequencies is available, along with intuitive counseling.

This is also a reminder that it is that time of year again to think about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Now is when you do those colon cleanses, whether you do coffee enemas yourself, a Nature Sunshine Tiao He cleanse (use sponsor number 8440 to sign up as a new member), a colonic from a professional, or salt water flushes. All of this will help to prevent disease, plus enable you to think clearer, sleep better, and have healthy skin, to name a few advantages!  **It is best to check with your doctor if you are on medications prior to cleansing. I recommend being cleared of sensitivities prior to cleansing for more ease through the process.**  The colon, or large intestine, not only passes all the foods you eat but has a lot to do with “letting go” and “surrendering” old beliefs and grudges that are no longer benefiting you. So you might think about what you are holding on to and let it go.

My Inner Child Regression Therapy has continued to develop. Coming up with easier ways to guide you through this emotional process of moving forward and removing limitations is always the goal. I am currently working on a book explaining some of the process in detail.

Lastly, my husband, Hunter, is offering the same modalities I offer for your PETS! The hidden animal whisperer has emerged.

We are also teaming up and offering self ministry classes. We are your mentors and will guide you through a period of learning to connect YOU to the REAL YOU! Please contact us for more detailed information, if you are interested.

Come in for a Tune Up and get your mind, body and spirit aligned with your dreams!