Spring has about finished raining pollen, and we can start to enjoy our outdoors without wiping everything down! If you had trouble with pollen this Spring, you want to collect the pollen samples in your area by taking a piece of tape and dabbing it in the pollen, putting it in a ziplock baggie and bringing it in so I can treat you. Charlotte has so many different trees, grasses and pollens not indigenous to this area, that it is impossible to order a pollen vial and be assured that it has all the pollens in our area. I have been collecting pollen, though, thanks to all of you, and making vials with as many pollens as possible from all over Charlotte. And remember, these treatments can now be done remotely, while you are holding your specific pollen sample! So don’t suffer!

I know that many of you have been inspired enough to have done gallbladder and liver cleanses. If you haven’t yet done a cleanse yet, and it feels all too daunting to do, keep it simple this year and maybe you just do the liver cleanse. Go to Nature’s Sunshine and sign up, if necessary, as a classic member using 8440 as the sponsor number and order 3 bottles of liver cleanse formula. It comes out of Georgia so if you order by noon, it often comes the next day. It takes 2.5 bottles to do the cleanse; you take 1 pill the 1st day, 2 pills the 2nd day, 3 pills the 3rd day, up to 15 pills/day, and then back down to 1 pill/day. For more details, look at the March newsletter. You can take the leftover vitamins as needed 1 at a time.It takes a month and is not a big deal, except for keeping track of the numbers. I usually write on the cap what I have taken and divide the larger number of supplements into 2x/day. The liver affects your hormones, your skin, your eyes, eyelids, swelling of the ankles/stomach, and has a lot to do with inward anger. So take care of your liver!

In the Summer, we will move into the urinary system and take a look at some gentle cleanses. In the meantime, think about all the new life around you with the green trees and all of nature blossoming. I recently went out of the box for convenience sake and gave a client an energy session in my backyard. It was amazing allowing nature into the energy session. My husband, Hunter, and I have created a sweet spot with a vortex deep in the backyard where we meditate daily. I had the massage table set up and I was guiding my client as she was shifting through a weight issue ( She just couldn’t lose weight though she was eating as well as ever.) and letting go of 3 different past traumas that had taken place near Easter. Every year at the same time, she would get in a funk, not realizing that it was connected to these traumas.

She was ready to let it go! Remember, you can forgive and rewrite the past. There’s no point in holding on to a negative experience so it is best to learn, let it go, evolve, and move on!

We were working on the weight issue, which was connected to the infant. This is when we start to do the inner child regression therapy. She was protecting herself with the weight, but needed to nurture her infant instead. She can protect herself, as the adult, by zipping up and using her mind for discernment on whom and what she lets into her heart. At this point the red tailed hawk showed up. He continued to circle above us for the entire hour! Every time he flew in a certain direction, she would get chills! It was crazy! At one point she was talking about my father-in-law, whom she said used to affectionately touch her stomach when she was pregnant. At that moment, the sun moved to her stomach and she had this odd sensation. We both laughed as we said in unison, “That’s Everett!” She said, “I’m not pregnant though, right?” She wasn’t pregnant, but Spirit was with us.

As we moved into healing the trauma which stemmed from her 7 year old and her uncle, the yellow butterfly showed up. This always reminded her of her uncle; at this point, we were both blown away by all the connections. Meanwhile the hawk was still circling above the perimeter of the vortex. We were discussing how she wanted to move forward with her life purpose; coincidentally, the hawk is all about awakening visionary power and leading you to your life purpose. We later looked this up in the “Animal Speak” book by Ted Andrews.

My point in sharing this experience with you is to encourage you to be different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and go outside of the box. Try something new and let the miracles of life into your world. It was a magical moment as we experienced God’s love all around us as she was shifting energetically. It was this loving support that she took home with her as she continued to process the experience. My hope is that we all get opportunities to Spring out of the Box this Season!