May this message find you safe and healthy! These are challenging and difficult times for many of us, but hopefully we can still take a moment to pause and reflect.

The spread of Coronavirus has heightened anxiety throughout the world. It’s forced us to hunker down in social isolation & self-quarantine. For many of us, this has stripped away our daily routines and hit “pause” on many ways of being. One silver lining can be for us to lean into this “pause” by creating space to reflect and initiate new thinking patterns, so that we can shift to a higher vibration. It is time to initiate this transformation individually so that we can align, shift and grow as a collective community!

As many of you know, I look at healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Healing is a package deal. Therefore, it is important to get the message behind any “dis-ease” and pain in life. To shift through “blocks”, we can use this 5-step forgiveness approach:

  1. Forgive yourself for your circumstances
  2. Forgive the “block” you wish to move through for the struggle it’s caused you
  3. Give the “block” permission to forgive itself for the pain, struggle and inconvenience it’s caused you (This works whether dealing with a person or an inanimate situation/object!)
  4. Let the “block” go by breathing it into a visualized balloon that you release into the void
  5. Inhale a positive affirmation, such as peace, new beginnings, wellness, etc. Visualize and feel this affirmation as your truth.

Using this approach, we can allow our heart, mind and breath to initiate the healing process. Allow yourself to transform, soften, and see the doors of your heart open. If you need help, reach out.

I offer remote energy work, phone sessions, sensitivity removal, frequency (toxin removal) work for all health issues. I also offer a coronavirus detox remedy for $10, which can be picked up outside my home office.