Eva’s Story

I was raised in Florida where my parents had the first health food store in the early 60s. My mother even delivered healthy organic sandwiches to my school. However, they became so popular that the Principal told her to stop because the school lunch program was suffering! (These school lunch issues are still a problem today.) So I was always very familiar with a natural approach to health.

When my first son was born, he was diagnosed with asthma at 2 years old. I thought, “Where is this coming from??” Neither my husband nor I nor anyone in our families had had asthma. The doctors were recommending a protocol that was, quite honestly, interfering with our lives, so after 3 months. of antibiotics and steroids and hospitalization, my quest began.

I read every book in the library on asthma, saw holistic doctors, chiropractors, and spent thousands of dollars. I was using herbs to heal the symptoms but was still struggling with what the root issues were and how to prevent problems. No one taught me how to muscle test or explained to me why he kept getting asthma. I didn’t know how to prevent problems and have some responsibility for my child’s health. I became even more proactive and studied to become a Certified Natural Health Professional and then a Naturopathic Doctor. I found that integrating Eden Energy Medicine was a key component of the healing process. It is truly medicine! Adding the Lumalight therapy and the sound therapy with the use of tuning forks compliments the energy work expediting the healing process. As I found myself moving into intuitive counseling while helping the client’s move through their unwanted patterns and pain, I discovered  Inner Child Regression Therapy. This led me to decide to become a minister. This has been powerfully rewarding for me and my husband, Hunter. We are now collaborating on creating Inner Child Regression Therapy as an option for children and adults as we continue to work on our doctorates. We feel the need to share our concepts to help others to truly learn to know and connect to their true selves, the God within, discovering freedom on this earth.

The methods I now use in my practice got to the root of my son’s problem and now my child is asthma free! He takes no medicine nor herbs for it!

I feel this information should be shared so that others will not have to struggle all those years as I did. These modalities work to open the door to healing for most symptoms and I am excited and eager to share them with you!

  • ADL Reverend
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine – Advanced Practitioner
  • Certified Natural Health Professional
  • Master Herbalist
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Certified SCENAR Therapist
  • TBA – Total Body Analysis Specialist
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy 1 certification
  • Tuning Forks certification candidate

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