How I do a Gallbladder Cleanse

Every year I cleanse the colon in January, the gallbladder around Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday! Ha! No pun intended), and then I move into a liver cleanse over Lent. I don’t always do these cleanses then, but it helps to have a schedule so you remember to do it!

● I usually do this in the Spring and after I have cleaned out my large Intestine.

● I take gallbladder formula (3 capsules/day) for 2 weeks prior to the cleanse to prepare the body for the
cleanse. The gallbladder holds the emotion frustration so it is a good idea during this time to let go of your frustrations. Asking yourself during these 2 weeks why you are frustrated and realizing that it is your choice to respond with frustration are now opportunities to shift this thinking into assertiveness.

The heart and gallbladder are polar opposites on the traditional Chinese model so taking time to connect to your heart’s desires may help you to shift your perspective and do something about your frustration.

● You may take 1-3 days to do this cleanse and it may be best to consult your health professional assisting you. Because I so this yearly, I do the 1 day cleanse.

● The night before I begin, I take a natural laxative, like bowel detox.

● The next day, I eat apples, some pears, and drink unfiltered organic apple juice all day. I can drink water and tea too. I probably drink 1 gallon of apple juice.

● That night I take another bowel detox and a probiotic. I use bifidophilus.

● I juice organic lemons to make ½ cup. I then mix the ½ cup of lemon juice with ½ of good quality extra
virgin olive oil.

● After I am completely ready for bed, I sort of lie on my right side and drink this lovely concoction VERY QUICKLY; like 3 gulps…no pausing!

● I immediately lie on my right side with my legs curled up staying in this position for at least 30 minutes. I tend to stay most the night on this side.

● I also like to keep tei fu oil on my bedside table to put a dab on my tongue after drinking the lemon
juice/olive oil concoction for my breath.

● In the morning, I eliminate the excess bile; it will look like little green peas. If I do not see these peas, I will take another bowel detox. Because the gallbladder and heart are polar opposites, sometimes the body may choose to eliminate when heart is most active at 11am-1pm. I sometimes continue to take the bowel detox that night to continue to move the process.

● I usually will have a grapefruit to start off breakfast breakfast and eat healthy that day and forward! That is eating your fruits first and then follow with your meal; 80% fruits and vegetables is best. 20% grains, nuts, meats. I follow with a Liver Cleanse.

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