Inner Child Regression Therapy

Inner child therapy work has proven to be a powerful modality. It allows clients to let go of patterns that no longer resonate with them. Experiencing resistance in life can be anything from a bad habit, to chronic pain and disease, to actions that you don’t like about yourself and more. When you experience this negativity, it is an opportunity to jump over a hurdle in life. It is a blessing. When you jump over a hurdle and connect to the root issue, you can forgive yourself, and those involved and rewrite that script. As you do this, it allows you to connect to your True Self, discover Divine Love, and heal a condition that may have begun in the womb, as an infant, a toddler, the 5-12yr old, or the teen. You get to heal something that is no longer advantageous to your growth. The condition may have served a purpose back then, but it is no longer beneficial. As this work takes place, I am guiding you through a type of meditation using intuitive counseling and working the 9 energy systems learned through Eden Energy Medicine. So, don’t suffer as a victim in your own life! Change your perspective, gain insight, and enjoy the Love of Life!

Now offering Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy from the documentary Heal! Call now to schedule!