How I do a Liver Cleanse

● Liver holds the emotion anger and is paired with the gallbladder on the Traditional Chinese Model chart. I usually do a colon cleanse, then the gallbladder and finish with a liver cleanse. I do continue cleansing with the seasons, summer (urinary system) and Fall (respiratory system.)

● Sometimes people cannot do the gallbladder cleanse, so I recommend to at least do the liver cleanse. They are paired organs, so helping one helps the other!

● For the liver cleanse, I use Liver cleanse formula. I take 1 pill the first day and work up to 15 pills/day on the 15th day. Then on the 16th day I go to 14 pills/day and back down to 1 pill/day on the 30th day.On about the 6th day, I choose to take 3 pills in the a.m. and 3 pills in the p.m. This cleanse takes 1 month and 2.5 bottles of Nature’s Sunshine liver cleanse formula.

● I find the best way to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control is to eat well (80% fruit and vegetables…that means the vegetables are the biggest portion on your plate), and cleanse the liver
and gallbladder, where the cholesterol is stored.

● Over the 30 days, it is a good idea to eat lots of greens, drink chlorophyll, and avoid alcohol. Also it is an opportunity to let go of your anger and breathe in kindness. Ask yourself why you are so angry? Often it stems from your childhood and is a belief or an issue that is surfacing because it is time to let it go!

● Once again, anytime you cleanse, it is best to do under the guidance of a professional. I recommend
removing physical stresses first, like sensitivities, parasites, candida, etc. and then building the body up with minerals and specific herbs to support the body for easier cleansing.

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