Remote Assistance

All of my services are offered remotely. As I have been earnestly developing my intuitive skills over the past 10 years, I can offer sensitivity removal, Eden Energy Medicine sessions, and frequency downloads. This can help with environmental/food/chemical/hormonal imbalances along with headaches, bloating, pain, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, accidents, sickness, and any other problem you may be experiencing. It is important to get to the root issue and that’s my focus. I offer intuitive counseling via phone/skype. You may ask yourself, “How is this possible?” Well most of us have prayed for family and friends at some point, and your prayers have been appreciated and felt. The work I am doing is along these same lines. I focus on the person needing help and offer the above skills just as I would in person, in my office. It is so convenient and allows you to feel supported wherever you are. For instance, one recent example involves a client on vacation who was exposed to mold and got sick. They reached out to me, and I helped by removing the sensitivity, downloading the frequencies they tested for, and balancing the body energetically so they could continue enjoying their vacation. I believe this is the way God intended life to be on earth. With ease and grace!

Now offering Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy from the documentary Heal! Call now to schedule!