At the beginning of this year I had a very painful bladder infection. I came in, sat on the machine, did an energy treatment and the infection was gone in 25 hours!

– JB


I have been coming to Eva for about a year. I am a senior citizen and am on several medications. I orignally came to see Eva for a virus that was affecting my eye. I sat on the machine and went throguh the process of getting “cleaned up”. I am now on the lowest dosage of medication, and my eye doctor is quite pleased with my progress and was very surprised that my eye sight improved!

I also used to have to get up several times a night to use the bathroom. After an energy session with Eva of balancing my rhythm and control cycle, I have not had to get up at night! That’s amazing!

– JB


I had terrible heartburn/acid reflux. As much as the pain and discomfort intruded upon my personal life, it upset me more that as a singer and teacher it was also affecting my professional life.

With Eva’s help and through a combination of allergy treatments, RIFE and energy work we got rid of the heartburn!

– MF


I was struggling to lose weight. I was doing all the right things: exercising, dieting, drinking water, spending money going to a weight loss program- all to no avail. When I met Eva and told her my difficulties, we went to work on eliminating my sensitivities and I started to lose weight and stopped bloating. I was shocked and thrilled! Since then I have simply watched my food combinations, learned about cleansing, and have made an effort to get out for a walk after dinner at least 3 times a week and I have lost nearly 20 pounds!

– Mary Ann


The work Eva did with me on one occasion changed the whole atmosphere in my Tai Chi class I attend. The shift in energy presented harmony as she taught me to clear my own thoughts and protect my own energy and be free in my practice.

This also has reestablished my ability of perception and intuitive senses to perceive an accident and prevent it for my husband.

The effect of Eva’s work and care has been like a pebble dropped in water…it has rippled around me to harmonize the lives of others who are a part of my life. She has opened my heart to expect joy in all my life.

– JC

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