TBA (Total Body Analysis)

Dr. Eva makes all her own advanced isotonic remedies using the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer. She uses the TBA protocol, a procedure that helps to identify the cause whether it is a physical, emotional or spiritual toxin. Once you eliminate the cause of your symptom through TBA, the body has the ability to heal itself. Dr. Eva uses kinesiology as a mode of testing to more than a thousand various antidotes, allowing her to find the primary systems out of balance and then tracking it to a series of antidotes that represent every possible cause.

Kinesiology (Muscle Testing):

evas-storyEnergy testing comes from the field of Applied Kinesiology, which uses the term “muscle testing” for the procedure. Applied Kinesiology was developed in the 1960s by chiropractor George Goodheart. Goodheart identified relationships among muscles, organs, and the body’s meridians, or subtle energy pathways. At least 670 acupressure points are distributed over the body’s 14 meridians. The massaging of an acupuncture point affects the energy flow of the meridian on which it is located. Goodheart was able to test and verify these relationships by drawing upon the field of kinesiology (the study of muscles and how muscles coordinate to move the body). Applied Kinesiology was bridge from traditional Chinese medicine into Western culture, where there has been growing support for the validity of energy testing. The procedure, being as much an art as a science, is done in many different ways by many different practitioners.

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