Your First Visit

What you can expect on the first visit

Coming in for the first visit typically takes 2 hours. However, there is flexibility if your work schedule doesn’t allow for that time; of course, with children, we adjust this accordingly. If we need more time, there is no extra charge at the next visit for the evaluation process.

During the evaluation process I will gather information:

● Testing for sensitivities

● Running a Zyto Elite scan to pinpoint toxicity

● Testing pH

● Looking in your eyes for a Basic Iridology assessment

● Teaching and Balancing the Daily Energy Routine

● Looking at your emotional profile

● Lastly, you will experience an energy session helping you to shift body, mind, and spirit.

Future Visits involve removing sensitivities, using the Light therapy to remove toxins or just getting over a sickness, and/or energy sessions to work through emotional blocks or reduce anxiety and stress. These can be done all at one time or a la carte.

Using Nature Sunshine supplements, I offer the opportunity to buy the supplements wholesale at using 1595318 as the sponsor number. I also make advanced isotonic remedies that are infused with Luma Light therapy. Bach Flower remedies and very high quality essential oils can be custom-made to your needs.

The Eden Energy work allows me to work the 9 energy sessions. I have incorporated Luma Light therapy and Inner Child work allowing you to heal negative patterns that no longer serve you. Growing up we develop coping mechanisms to deal with “ family dysfunction”. As much as our parents tried to love us the way we wanted, it just wasn’t the way we truly needed.

For example, I was not breastfed due to a difficult birth. I was a very happy and well taken care of even having a nurse all to myself! However, all I wanted was my mother. I developed, at this vulnerable age, unconscious belief systems that limited me as an adult. I can’t possibly understand as an infant why my mother would not have breast fed me. The simple fact is that she just didn’t have the milk, due to shock. This is not her fault; it just is what it is. My point is that these coping mechanisms surface at times as adults causing us to respond from the wounded child. These coping mechanisms can be rewritten, so I help to guide and shift you from this wounded child to the Divine Child, which helps you to be the Mature Adult. It is time to forgive and rewrite your story allowing you to move forward in your life creating new positive patterns on the earth. Life can be that bowl of cherries!

Now offering Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy from the documentary Heal! Call now to schedule!