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What is Energy Therapy?

box1 Energy therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, drug free, and natural solution to eliminate food and environmental sensitivities, and involves a host of alternative medicine modalities, such as Iridology, ESR (Eva’s Sensitivity Removal), Scenar, Zyto Compass, iLs, Embody Wave Machine and Eden Energy Medicine.

These energy therapies are gentle, yet effective, and allow the body to heal at its own pace.

Energy Medicine can help

  • Boost your vitality and stamina
  • Get to the root of your problems
  • Relieve pain and common complaints
  • Shift old patterns to help you move forward
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Remove brain fog and help you think better!

Experience Energy Therapy

Are you frustrated with your health? Tired, achy, overweight? Do you suffer with sensitivities? Are you sick, headachy, just not feeling up to par? Are you ready to do something different that will change your health for the better? A way that does not involve drugs? Energy therapy may be your answer!

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Now offering Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy from the documentary Heal! Call now to schedule!