Holistic Healing 

A Whole New Healing Experience.


Naturopathic physician using a holistic approach that works with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to create greater harmony in your life.


Alliance of Divine Love classes are beginning in February! This is the best self ministry class that helps you connect within and maximize your intuition. Orientation class Feb 17, 2020 to learn the details.


Hunter offers personal/group mentoring, energy therapy for animals, remote assistance and Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy as seen in the Documentary Heal.

Our Approach & Values

The Gourley Center for Healing offers alternative approaches to resolving many health issues often treated on the surface. We expedite the healing process, allowing shifts to occur both inside and out — physically, emotionally and spiritually. When physiological stresses are removed, it brings you to the starting point for healing to begin. We guide you through this process as you learn to heal and are empowered to take action for your health. As ADL ordained ministers it is our commitment to practice the greatest degree of love in support of your journey into dynamic health and spiritual development.

"The effect of Eva’s work and care has been like a pebble dropped in water…it has rippled around me to harmonize the lives of others who are a part of my life. She has opened my heart to expect joy in all my life."


"Eva has help guide me to making major shifts in my life physically, emotionally and energetically. I have more vitality, courage and harmony in my everyday life.


"When I met Eva and told her my difficulties of losing weight. We went to work on eliminating my sensitivities and I started to lose weight. I was shocked and thrilled to lose nearly 20 pounds!

Mary Ann