Happy Healthy 2018

So far this year, many people have been sick! Even schools have closed due to the flu. So please remember to do your Daily Energy Routine: at least, the 3 thumps, hook up and zip-up. You can find these techniques on the videos page. Taking echinacea and/or Vitamin C or Nature’s Sunshine Elderberry Immune are a few internal options to boost the immune system. Taking the time to be quiet, praying or meditating can prevent you from attracting these illnesses in the first place.

During the latter part of 2017, I took 3 classes that enabled me to expand and integrate new sophisticated tools to make YOUR energy sessions more powerful.

  1. Light Therapy with Geometric shapes used to clear, renew, dissolve and expand and heal on many levels.
  2. Sound Therapy with tuning forks used in the energetic field and on the body. It is amazing to see how the sound frequencies can dissolve “wounded soul fragments” in the energetic field. Look for upcoming remote “group” sessions on my web.
  3. Cranial sacral class with The Upledger Institute teaching how listening to the body can assist with healing. Cranial work is instrumental with skeletal issues, and I continue to do monthly training sessions.

As most of you know, I am always shifting, expanding, and developing new skills to expedite YOUR healing process. We used to do sensitivity removal one vial at a time while avoiding the sensitivity for 25 hours. That protocol is now obsolete! The same results can be attained by doing multiple vials at the same time with no food restrictions. And, for more convenience, remote evaluations and sensitivities are available.

Ease and grace is what we are after! Remote work is more common outside of the Southeast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these same conveniences. It is just like receiving prayers from your support group and seeing the miracles happen. Likewise, I am sending a finely tuned focused prayer when I do remote work! I am here to support you, wherever you are! Sensitivity Removal, Eden Energy work and Zapping Frequencies is available, along with intuitive counseling.

This is also a reminder that it is that time of year again to think about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Now is when you do those colon cleanses, whether you do coffee enemas yourself, a Nature Sunshine Tiao-he cleanse (use sponsor number 8440 to sign up as a new member), a colonic from a professional, or salt water flushes. All of this will help to prevent disease, plus enable you to think clearer, sleep better, and have healthy skin, to name a few advantages! More information on cleansing is on my below this post. **It is best to check with your doctor if you are on medications prior to cleansing. I recommend being cleared of sensitivities prior to cleansing for more ease through the process.**  The colon, or large intestine, not only passes all the foods you eat but has a lot to do with “letting go” and “surrendering” old beliefs and grudges that are no longer benefiting you. So you might think about what you are holding on to and let it go.

My Inner Child Regression Therapy has continued to develop. Coming up with easier ways to guide you through this emotional process of moving forward and removing limitations is always the goal. I am currently working on a book explaining some of the process in detail.

Lastly, my husband, Hunter, is offering the same modalities I offer for your PETS! The hidden animal whisperer has emerged. His number is 704-776-8091…text first!

We are also teaming up and offering self ministry classes. We are your mentors and will guide you through a period of learning to connect YOU to the REAL YOU! Please contact us for more detailed information, if you are interested.

Come in for a Tune Up and get your mind, body and spirit aligned with your dreams!

With Ease and Grace,
Rev. Eva Gourley ND, EEM-AP


Click below for Cleansing Tips

How Do I do a Liver Cleanse?
How Do I do a Gallbladder Cleanse?

Spring out of the Box!

Spring has about finished raining pollen, and we can start to enjoy our outdoors without wiping everything down! If you had trouble with pollen this Spring, you want to collect the pollen samples in your area by taking a piece of tape and dabbing it in the pollen, putting it in a ziplock baggie and bringing it in so I can treat you. Charlotte has so many different trees, grasses and pollens not indigenous to this area, that it is impossible to order a pollen vial and be assured that it has all the pollens in our area. I have been collecting pollen, though, thanks to all of you, and making vials with as many pollens as possible from all over Charlotte. And remember, these treatments can now be done remotely, while you are holding your specific pollen sample! So don’t suffer!

I know that many of you have been inspired enough to have done gallbladder and liver cleanses. If you haven’t yet done a cleanse yet, and it feels all too daunting to do, keep it simple this year. Maybe you just do the liver cleanse. Go to www.naturessunshine.com and sign up, if necessary, as a classic member using 8440 as the sponsor number and order 3 bottles of liver cleanse formula. It comes out of Georgia so if you order by noon, it often comes the next day. It takes 2.5 bottles to do the cleanse; you take 1 pill the 1st day, 2 pills the 2nd day, 3 pills the 3rd day, up to 15 pills/day, and then back down to 1 pill/day. For more details, look at the March newsletter. You can take the leftover vitamins as needed 1 at a time.It takes a month and is not a big deal, except for keeping track of the numbers. I usually write on the cap what I have taken and divide the larger number of supplements into 2x/day. The liver affects your hormones, your skin, your eyes, eyelids, swelling of the ankles/stomach, and has a lot to do with inward anger. So take care of your liver!

In the Summer, we will move into the urinary system and take a look at some gentle cleanses. In the meantime, think about all the new life around you with the green trees and all of nature blossoming. I recently went out of the box for convenience sake and gave a client an energy session in my backyard. It was amazing allowing nature into the energy session. My husband, Hunter, and I have created a sweet spot with a vortex deep in the backyard where we meditate daily. I had the massage table set up and I was guiding my client as she was shifting through a weight issue ( She just couldn’t lose weight though she was eating as well as ever.) and letting go of 3 different past traumas that had taken place near Easter. Every year at the same time, she would get in a funk, not realizing that it was connected to these traumas.

She was ready to let it go! Remember, you can forgive and rewrite the past. There’s no point in holding on to a negative experience so it is best to learn, let it go, evolve, and move on!

We were working on the weight issue, which was connected to the infant. This is when we start to do the inner child regression therapy. She was protecting herself with the weight, but needed to nurture her infant instead. She can protect herself, as the adult, by zipping up and using her mind for discernment on whom and what she lets into her heart. At this point the red tailed hawk showed up. He continued to circle above us for the entire hour! Every time he flew in a certain direction, she would get chills! It was crazy! At one point she was talking about my father-in-law, whom she said used to affectionately touch her stomach when she was pregnant. At that moment, the sun moved to her stomach and she had this odd sensation. We both laughed as we said in unison, “That’s Everett!” She said, “I’m not pregnant though, right?” She wasn’t pregnant, but Spirit was with us.

As we moved into healing the trauma which stemmed from her 7 year old and her uncle, the yellow butterfly showed up. This always reminded her of her uncle; at this point, we were both blown away by all the connections. Meanwhile the hawk was still circling above the perimeter of the vortex. We were discussing how she wanted to move forward with her life purpose; coincidentally, the hawk is all about awakening visionary power and leading you to your life purpose. We later looked this up in the “Animal Speak” book by Ted Andrews.

My point in sharing this experience with you is to encourage you to be different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and go outside of the box. Try something new and let the miracles of life into your world. It was a magical moment as we experienced God’s love all around us as she was shifting energetically. It was this loving support that she took home with her as she continued to process the experience. My hope is that we all get opportunities to Spring out of the Box this Season!

Spring Cleansing!

As we move from winter to spring, it’s time to continue with cleansing. It is important to not do more than one cleanse at a time. You do not want to put the body in shock! Eating lots of raw and lightly steamed vegetables is the answer to healing. Eating fresh fruits gives you lots of vitamin C and is much better than candy! Grab the fruit over the candy at 3pm and hit those K-27 points that are one inch diagonally out from the inside of the clavicle to give you energy to move forward. If this doesn’t make sense, look at the daily energy routine on my website. As you are working on letting go of some bad eating habits, reflect on why you gravitate to Sweets? Alcohol? Chips? Do you need to sweeten up your life? Be kinder to others? Why are you drinking? To comfort yourself and/or to “check out”? Are you looking forward to the weekend so you can enjoy your glass of wine? Are you craving salt? Munching on chips in between or before meals? These desires may be indicators of adrenal fatigue. It’s time to shift some old patterns that no longer serve you well. These are examples of why you want to come in for an Eden Energy session.

Who is it inside of you that needs healing? It is the connection within that will ultimately help you to evolve and brighten your Spirit. It is this connection to the Real You–and to the Holy Spirit within–that helps raise your vibration and move forward in life. Inner child regressions, where you go back to the time of conflict and pain and heal, are powerful opportunities to find Inner Peace, jump over hurdles, and raise your vibration. See my website for more information on ICR Therapy.

The only person that can truly make you happy is You. It is not fair to put pressure on your spouse, family and friends to make you happy. It is not fair for you to feel this responsibility for others; that is enabling. It is fine to love, offer assistance, help out, but you must have a boundary. Boundaries are key to maintaining health. I have come to the discovery that when I work too hard, it affects my metabolism! Wow…So I am rethinking how I go about my business. This process has moved me into doing quite a bit of “remote” work. It prevents me from burning out (and I can lose weight…yea! ) and offers a convenience to my clients–YOU!

How does this work? It’s with ease and grace–God’s Way! Basically all you need to do is text me. I can do evaluations, sensitivity removal, energy work, and I am “working on” sending clients the frequencies they need to heal–all remotely. It is basically everything I offer at the office. So, I know you may be wondering how do I do this? Most of us have at some point in our lives prayed for others, right? You think about that person and send them a prayer. This is what I do. I think about You, tune in and test you, just like I do in the office. When I do the work, I am sending you a Big contemplative, healing prayer! How convenient! I guarantee the sensitivity removal, so it is a win-win.

I have started a new cycle of Eden Energy classes, and we are continuing our Meaning Of Life Meditations. Both are now on alternating Thursdays starting at 7:15pm. Come and join us for the fun! See below for info and check out the website for a full schedule.

It is cleansing time!

Now that the New Year has come and gone, and you have probably forgotten your resolutions, it is time to cleanse!

Every year I cleanse the colon in January, the gallbladder around Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday! Ha! No pun intended), and then I move into a liver cleanse over Lent. I don’t always do these cleanses then, but it helps to have a schedule so you remember to do it!

Some important information about cleansing:

  • It is important to cleanse under the supervision of a professional. You don’t want to put the body in shock, so I always prepare the body to cleanse.
  • You want to make sure you do not have a minerals sensitivity because you need minerals to take you through the two (2) phases of cleansing.
  • On another note, if you do a salt water flush and have a salt sensitivity, you won’t feel too well! Or if you do the Master Cleanse, which involves lots of lemons, and you have a citrus or sugar allergy, you won’t feel good or lose much weight.
  • I suggest coming in for a tune-up and making sure you zap a few toxins and clear yourself of sensitivities so you can cleanse with ease and grace.
  • It all helps make your cleansing a much more pleasant experience. Headaches and stomach aches are no fun! I have been cleansing for years and avoid this at all costs.
  • The preparations for this process have become very efficient at the office where you can rid toxins while we are testing for sensitivities. And no more diets for the sensitivity part. Yea!

For the colon, here are a few options:

  • Nature’s Sunshine has several cleanses, like the Tiao He Cleanse (stock number 3050-5). You can go to www.naturessunshine.com and sign up using 1595318 as the sponsor number. There is no fee to join, just a $ 40.00 min. order and you can get the products at wholesale.
  • You can do a coffee enema.
  • Get a colonic (That’s what I do.).
  • Do the salt water flush (detailed in the Master Cleanse). I have done this flush many times!)

I usually get a colonic and then do occasional salt water flushes throughout the year seasonally.

For the gall bladder cleanse, there are also several options.You will want to order the Gallbladder formula from Nature’s Sunshine to prepare the body about 2 weeks prior to actually doing the cleanse. You can google more options or click here to read about how I do it.

For the liver cleanse, you can click here to see the way I do it, or google some other options. Remember, this is just the way I do it; there are many variations. Also, you want to make sure you have prepared the body to cleanse.

Happy Cleansing,
Eva Gourley

Happy New Year!

Hopefully 2017 will be a year of moving forward and manifesting your dreams. As you can see below, my husband and I are offering ongoing Meditation classes on the “The Meaning of Life” every other Monday,starting 1/23/2017.

On the “other” Mondays, I will be teaching Eden Energy Medicine classes on very specific and useful topics. Look for details below and on my website.

I also want to update you about new equipment that uses a full spectrum of frequencies to heal many “dis-eases.” The new range of coverage is very comprehensive. Patients no longer sit with front and back plates, and the frequencies are emitted while we do energy work, and even in group sessions.

The other big news: “special” diets during the sensitivity removals are of the past! SO: No special diets; AND multiple sensitivities can be removed simultaneously! These treatments and energy work can also be done remotely.

I have integrated intuitive counseling and Inner Child work while working the nine (9) energy systems. As part of our doctorate work as ordained ministers, my husband and I will be offering Inner Child/family and marriage counseling classes soon.

Many of you already know that I am constantly evolving my skills, so check in for that seasonal cleanup and progressive energy session to help you stay on the track of ease and grace! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!

Energetically yours, Eva


I am not allowed to use the word allergies because I am not an MD; I am am ND, which is a Naturopathic Doctor. I choose many holistic approaches to heal the body naturally. We are made of energy; therefore I tap into and teach all about how to direct your energies to feel better. ESR ( Eva’s Sensitivity Removal) is a technique I have created that uses several different approached in one.

Sensitivities do not just involve environmental issues; when you have an environmental issue, you have an internal issue too. When you get rid of the internal issue, often the environmental sensitivity goes away.

I have a client who could not eat without stomach pain for 4 years. We looked at the emotional component ( worry and grief) and then began reprogramming the body to certain food groups like calcium, vit C, B complex etc This enabled her to begin eating foods and after 1.5-2 months she had gained 12 pounds and continues to gain weight!

Weight loss

In order to lose weight, I feel it is easiest to do if you don’t bloat and can absorb all the nutrients from the fresh foods you should be eating. Let’s say you choose to do the Master Cleanse which involve lots of lemons/limes and maple syrup. I have seen people do this diet for 10 days and lose only 5-6 pounds. That’s a long time of only drinking the lemonade concoction for 5-6 pounds. This is usually because they have a sensitivity to lemons or limes or sugar or may have yeast and or parasites ( which love sugar!). So before I ever cleanse or go on a diet or attempt to lose weight, I make sure I am “cleaned up.” By “cleaned up” I mean your sensitivities ( like vit C and B complex, etc) have been removed and you do not have parasites, yeast, viruses, bacteria, molds, etc causing stresses on the body. Along with “clean up” I recommend the book, The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomeroy.

The diet requires eating every 3 hours lots of food along with an easy exercise program. It just requires being organized. I cook enough grains at one time for the 2 days and I experiment with all the varieties of good food offered during each of the 3 phases. Check it out! I, along with many clients, all lost 15-20 pounds in one month. Then whenever we feel we have gained weight we just go back on for 1 week. The body recognizes the fast metabolism and kicks it into gear!


This can be a scary disease as not getting air is very stressful, esp for a parent. My son had asthma so I am very familiar with the disease but I am choosing to talk about a client this time. Allie was 8 when she first came to see me in the Fall of 2011. Healing disease is a process and doing it alternatively usually involves a life style change. This was no different, I’d say it took on and off a year with fewer incidences in between. Allie ate her veggies but with more home cooked organic meals her general health improved. She limited dairy (Raw unprocessed is best.) and moved toward varying her grains avoiding wheat as much as possible. This is a general recommendation to stay healthy!

To begin with, we removed her sensitivities esp magnesium. Magnesium is key to asthma because it relaxes the bronchial tubes and colon. We also eliminated parasites, yeast and other stresses that tend to hide out in the weakest organs, like the lungs for Allie! This process is done fairly quickly, within 2-3 visits. I refer to this process as the “clean up process.” With each visit, we gained trust and helped her to understand her body energetically. Along with working her energy systems, I taught her a Daily Energy Routine and gave her and her mom specific tools to use to strengthen her lungs and immune system. I also supported her with homemade advanced isotonic remedies designed from her DNA. The test for Allie was during Nutcracker season, as every year she would get an asthma attack. So we worked on the emotional aspect using Eden energy techniques and EFT. I feel it is very Important to empower my clients with as many tools as possible so that they will know what to do in a panic situation.

Needless to say, Allie did get an asthma attack during the 2011 Nutcracker season. It was at this point we realized we needed to work through an emotional component regarding the stress of the season. She was asthma free this last Nutcracker season and has not had an asthma attack in over a year. As with my son, there may be an occasional time when breathing is difficult ( usually because of an emotional reason ), but the tools are there to nip it! Allie continues to amaze me with her talents and intuition and all she has learned about how to take care of herself!


Irritable bowel usually involves parasites and sensitivities to food.  Sometimes bacteria and food poisoning  are also involved. Using applied kinesiology, Sally’s body tested for several CDs and showed negative responses to food. She came in 3 times in one week using the machine to sit for stresses and went through 2 sensitivity sessions plus working through an emotional component that she was holding on to.  The large intestine us all about surrendering and releasing grudges, letting go of the past…. Forgiving. She has learned how to flush her large intestine meridian and how to emotionally balance it. She has added more fiber to her diet continues to heal her large intestine with intestinal soothe and build, as she remains symptom free.

Now offering Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy from the documentary Heal! Call now to schedule!