As we move from winter to spring, it’s time to continue with cleansing. It is important to not do more than one cleanse at a time. You do not want to put the body in shock! Eating lots of raw and lightly steamed vegetables is the answer to healing. Eating fresh fruits gives you lots of vitamin C and is much better than candy! Grab the fruit over the candy at 3pm and hit those K-27 points that are one inch diagonally out from the inside of the clavicle to give you energy to move forward. If this doesn’t make sense, look at the daily energy routine. As you are working on letting go of some bad eating habits, reflect on why you gravitate to Sweets? Alcohol? Chips? Do you need to sweeten up your life? Be kinder to others? Why are you drinking? To comfort yourself and/or to “check out”? Are you looking forward to the weekend so you can enjoy your glass of wine? Are you craving salt? Munching on chips in between or before meals? These desires may be indicators of adrenal fatigue. It’s time to shift some old patterns that no longer serve you well. These are examples of why you want to come in for an Eden Energy session.

Who is it inside of you that needs healing? It is the connection within that will ultimately help you to evolve and brighten your Spirit. It is this connection to the Real You–and to the Holy Spirit within–that helps raise your vibration and move forward in life. Inner child regressions, where you go back to the time of conflict and pain and heal, are powerful opportunities to find Inner Peace, jump over hurdles, and raise your vibration.

The only person that can truly make you happy is You. It is not fair to put pressure on your spouse, family and friends to make you happy. It is not fair for you to feel this responsibility for others; that is enabling. It is fine to love, offer assistance, help out, but you must have a boundary. Boundaries are key to maintaining health. I have come to the discovery that when I work too hard, it affects my metabolism! Wow…So I am rethinking how I go about my business. This process has moved me into doing quite a bit of “remote” work. It prevents me from burning out (and I can lose weight…yea! ) and offers a convenience to my clients–YOU!

How does this work? It’s with ease and grace–God’s Way! Basically all you need to do is text me. I can do evaluations, sensitivity removal, energy work, and I am “working on” sending clients the frequencies they need to heal–all remotely. It is basically everything I offer at the office. So, I know you may be wondering how do I do this? Most of us have at some point in our lives prayed for others, right? You think about that person and send them a prayer. This is what I do. I think about You, tune in and test you, just like I do in the office. When I do the work, I am sending you a Big contemplative, healing prayer! How convenient! I guarantee the sensitivity removal, so it is a win-win.