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Our Story

After our son was diagnosed with asthma at two years old, we began an ongoing protocol of antibiotics, steroids and hospitalization, with no end in sight. Frustrated by a lack of progress, we began to explore other options for healing.

Despite spending thousands of dollars on holistic doctors, chiropractors and herbs to address symptoms, we still struggled to identity care that would address root causes and prevent future issues. Through studying to become a Certified Natural Health Professional and eventually a Naturopathic Doctor, Eva found that integrating Eden Energy Medicine was a key component of the healing process to address the emotional roots of physical problems. Adding Lumalight therapy and sound therapy with tuning forks complimented this energy work and expedited the healing process.

At the same time, we began moving into intuitive counseling in order to support clients’ shifts out of unwanted patterns and pain. Eva incorporated Inner Child Regression Therapy, which led us to both become ministers with the Alliance of Divine Love. The methods we now use in our practice have addressed the root cause of our son’s asthma, and he now lives asthma-free as an adult without the need for medicine or herbs.

We use these building blocks to empower people on their own paths towards healing–naturally, efficiently and completely. This powerful reality that we can connect with–and within–ourselves to heal will lead to other levels of discovery, growth and mission in life.