Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect my first visit?

Coming in for the first visit typically takes 2-4 hours. However, there is flexibility if your work schedule doesn’t allow for that time; of course, with children, we adjust this accordingly. If we need more time, there is no extra charge at the next visit for the evaluation process. First evaluation costs $300 ($150 for children) and includes all the below:

  • Testing for sensitivities
  • Running a Zyto Elite scan to pinpoint toxicity
  • Testing pH
  • Looking in your eyes for a Basic Iridology assessment
  • Teaching and Balancing the Daily Energy Routine
  • Looking at your emotional profile
  • Lastly, you will experience an energy session helping you to shift body, mind, and spirit.

Future Visits involve removing sensitivities, using the frequencies and/or advanced isotonic remedies to remove toxins, support you if you are sick, work through emotional blocks, pain or reduce anxiety and stress. These can be done together or a la carte.

Do you recommend a particular brand of supplements?

Eva recommends Nature’s Sunshine supplements, the first company to encapsulate herbs back in 1972. It is a direct marketing company that manufactures and markets encapsulated herbal products and high quality vitamins, food supplements, skin products and complementary products. No membership fee! Just open an account with a $40.00 minimum order, allowing you to purchase over 500 supplements at wholesale cost. To buy Nature’s Sunshine products, go HERE and use 8440 as your sponsor number.

As a cost effective alternative, Eva recommends custom designed Advanced Isotonic remedies. These contain the frequencies of the supplements, Total Body Analysis vials and light frequencies that heal you for $30.  

What kind of payments do you accept?

Eva accepts check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash and credit card (with 3% surcharge). Payment is due at the time of treatment. For remote assistance, payment is due before Eva does the work. 

Is this hands on treatment?

Yes. This work is hands-on, with the client fully clothed and lying on a massage table. She can also do remote work for those who prefer. 

When can I expect to notice a difference after treatment?

It takes 25 hours to clear the sensitivity removal. Usually stresses like a headache, hormones, indigestion, fatigue, skin issues, or anxiety, etc. start to heal. However, it could take 3 days to 3 months for the body to recalibrate from your initial deficiencies. 

How often should I expect to come for treatments?

This depends on how quickly you shift and on how many sensitivities you have. Because the sensitivities can be conveniently done remotely, usually you would come in for Energy sessions. Some people come in weekly if they have anxiety issues, for instance, and need support to get through an acute situation. Lots of people come in monthly to keep themselves balanced preventing problems, or when they are stuck, or if they have a particular pain that is not going away.

What is expected of me during this healing collaboration?

The more willing you are to be introspective, implementing energetic home practices and overall self-care, the faster you will see results. See the energy videos and cleanses under Self-Practice for more info. 

Will there be any period of discomfort after a session?
This is definitely an individual case-by-case situation. After the sensitivity removal sometimes people feel better during the 25 hour period and others feel tired or the symptoms they are coming in to get rid of can surface during that time. After an energy session, depending on what was worked on, there can be a time of processing what was worked on.  As Eva is trying to get to the root of the problem, she does deep energy work. Her intention is to help you heal with ease and grace and she is always there to support you. It is important to reach out if you need further assistance.