About Hunter


My Approach & Values

We share a holistic approach and a wide variety of therapies to assist in the healing process. We believe that the holistic healing process, done right, can help us reduce the stress and worries that bombard our modern physical existence. And this investment in ourselves can lead to other vital levels of healing for our mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

With people, Hunter gets to build on Eva’s work by adding Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Neuroacoustic Sound Research into the mix—literally. In fact, by using technology to identify your individual and unique healing frequency, we can now mix sound and science together to remove the stresses that make us sick. So, instead of technology contributing to our stress, we can start using it to heal! Mainstream modern medical practice now acknowledges that a leading cause of illness is stress!

The animal world is even less adaptable to this increase of our human stresses on their natural world, and on them specifically. Our pets, for example, show us unconditional love. The main condition to this gift to us is that they take on our illnesses and our pain in order to try to help us. As our stress has increased so has theirs. Like us, we treat their symptoms instead of their root causes. The result is that our animal friends cannot cope with our increased stresses being thrust on them. Sometimes they need extra help to release the stresses they take on from us. Hunter began trying out some of Eva’s energy work on our canine family member as he aged, and he responded very well. If it worked on Rusty, it should help other animals, too. Thanks to their completely receptive nature and finely tuned intuitive, telepathic senses, the animals Hunter has worked on have responded quickly and wonderfully. And their human counterparts feel better too when their animal friends are healthy! It’s a win-win scenario!

My Tools

Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy

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Hunter has trained with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the sound expert and therapist noted in the documentary “Heal.” Dr. Thompson is the discoverer of many new brainwave states through his dynamic research, and he is lead consultant to NASA on sound, among many other agencies and organizations. In the medical and healing world, he has discovered that each human being has a unique healing sound frequency that restores the body’s ability to reach homeostasis in the Autonomic Nervous System and jumpstart the natural processes of healing—healing the body, mind, heart, and spirit. He has also pioneered the technology and training for Hunter to be able to record your personal healing sound frequency and give it to you—so that you can take charge in your own healing process!

Animal Intuitive

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Hunter has a beautiful gift of connecting to animals and providing energy therapy in times of need.


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Self-Ministry helps you to connect to the Holy Spirit within and to recognize resistance in your life. It offers tools to help you move through the resistance, improve your perspective and raise your vibration, ultimately allowing you to align with your true path on this earth. Join Hunter for one-on-one/group mentoring under the Alliance for Divine Love (ADL).

Remote Energy Work

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Hunter applies many of the therapies on animals that Eva uses on people, including Eden Energy Medicine, sensitivities removals, Luma-Light Therapy, SCENAR and structural work. If you or someone you know has ever benefitted from these types of quality energy-healing work, then so will your animal friends—and they can receive it ALL remotely!


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As an Alliance of Divine Love (ADL) minister Hunter can help you help yourself; and as an animal intuitive, he can also help you and your animal friends, too!

Sensitivities & Energy Removals

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Animals can develop sensitivities just like we do! Fortunately, they can be helped through their reactions, too. Treatments take 25 hours to clear the body. These treatments are part of Remote Energy Work.

"My cat Luna was in a traumatic accident and was badly injured. She needed surgery so I called Hunter and he immediately started remote work on her. She didn’t have to have surgery, healed and came home less than a week later. I’m so grateful to Hunter for all he did for Luna. "

"The ADL ministerial studies is life-changing. It has shifted my life’s work in ways that I could never have imagined, and now I get to move forward as a living chapel along the pathways of the Greatest Degree of Love. I am so thankful for that mentoring and guidance."

"Thank you for the great sound sessions. What a gift to be able to listen to my own personal frequency!"

"I love my sound therapy! I’m taking it with me on my trip! Can’t wait!"