About Eva

My Approach 

We offer alternative approaches to resolving many health issues normally treated on the surface level. Eva removes sensitivities and uses frequencies to eliminate toxins. While addressing pain and emotional dysfunction, clients are able to connect to the root issues allowing deeper healing to take place. Using Eden Energy Medicine and Inner Child Regression Therapy, Eva is able to quicken the healing process and allow the shift inside and out.

My Expertise

  • ADL Reverend Doctor
  • Naturopathic Physican
  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine – Advanced Practitioner
  • Master Herbalist
  • Certified SCENAR Therapist

My Tools

Eden Energy Medicine

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Developed by Donna Eden during the course of her 30+years of clinical experience, Eden Energy Medicine focuses on aligning and balancing your body’s energies into a good flow, harmony, and balance. As an advanced practitioner with Eden Energy Medicine, Eva addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of healing.

Energy sessions are generally 1- 1.5 hours for $150. Grid is the exception, costing an extra $100.

As an advanced practitioner with Eden Energy Medicine, Eva addresses the nine energy systems while incorporating intuitive counseling, Inner Child Regression therapy, tuning forks sound therapy, Scenar therapy in her energy sessions.

Zyto Elite

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The Zyto Elite is a bio-communication tool simple used to gather vast amounts of information about your body needs and preferences. It uses an ergonomically designed hand cradle that sends subtle impulses to your body to gather and record physical and emotional responses. It does not diagnose or treat but provides valuable information regarding your health. It is safe for all ages and pregnant women and people with pacemakers. Cost: Advanced Scan $75 (included in initial evaluation) Basic Scan $25

Eva's Sensitivity Removal

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Eva’s Sensitivity Removal is used to eliminate sensitivities and symptoms, including their physical and emotional manifestations, which have arisen from previous exposure to irritants. With this technique, emotional, environmental and food sensitivities can be cleared from the body permanently.

Investment: 1 vial $50, 2-3 vials $75, 4 or more $100. In the past, these were done one at a time costing $50 and you had to avoid the sensitivity during the 25 hr clearing period. This new way can be done with multiple files and with no 25 hour diet restrictions.  It can also be done remotely offering you support when you are anywhere in the world. Eva guarantees her remote work so if you come in and what she has reprogrammed has not held, she will redo for free. If it is due to an emotional or physical trauma, there is a nominal fee.


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The GB4000 therapy works by generating sound frequencies specific to each disease-causing microorganism at an intensity that causes the outer membrane of the cell you are targeting to collapse and die.

Eva has been using the GB 4000 for years and finds that downloading the frequencies remotely is more effective because it saves hours of time on the machine. This option is available certain times of the month as a group rate ($35) or individually ($50-$100). In the office she charges $100/hr.

Inner Child Therapy

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Inner Child Regression Therapy allows clients to release energies and thought patterns that are no longer advantageous, including bad habits, chronic pain/disease, and negative experiences. This process pinpoints coping mechanisms from the past, and moves you from the “wounded child” to the “mature adult”. One of the advantages with the inner child regression therapy is that it is not necessary to rehash the story. You will go back to the time in your imagination and Rewrite the story the way you would like to go while she integrates working the nine energy systems.

Remote Assistance

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All of Eva’s services are offered remotely as she has been earnestly developing her intuitive skills over the past 10 years. Remote personalized rife sessions: $35-$100, Remote Energy balancing: $35 and Remote spinal assistance: $25. Remote Rife sessions group rates: $19.95 run weekly. 

What can I expect my first visit?

Coming in for the first visit typically takes 2-4 hours. However, there is flexibility if your work schedule doesn’t allow for that time; of course, with children, we adjust this accordingly. If we need more time, there is no extra charge at the next visit for the evaluation process. First evaluation costs $300 ($150 for children) and includes all the below:

  • Testing for sensitivities
  • Running a Zyto Elite scan to pinpoint toxicity
  • Testing pH
  • Looking in your eyes for a Basic Iridology assessment
  • Teaching and Balancing the Daily Energy Routine
  • Looking at your emotional profile
  • Lastly, you will experience an energy session helping you to shift body, mind, and spirit.

Future Visits involve removing sensitivities, using the frequencies and/or advanced isotonic remedies to remove toxins, support you if you are sick, work through emotional blocks, pain or reduce anxiety and stress. These can be done together or a la carte.

"My son struggled with extreme eczema for a couple of years. After many expensive treatments and no true results, I sought Eva's help. He looks like a different child now; energetic, healthy and strong."


"Livin’ life large and making contributions with grace and ease. Thank you Eva."


" I have experienced physical and emotional wellness from Eva's gifting. Her ability to minister energy medicine is undeniable. I’m so thankful to have Eva as an option for wellness and see this type of protocol as a VITAL part of moving through my later years with good physical and emotional health.”


"Our individual sessions with Eva were the first time each of us felt fully heard, understood, and almost immediate relief/healing from a provider. The healing she has offered me and my family is truly a blessing. A decades long journey of seeking healing finally brought us to Eva and I’m grateful beyond words."



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