Eden Energy Medicine

 EEM sessions offer an opportunity for physical, energetic, and emotional balancing based on individual needs.

What is EEM?

How Eva Uses EEM

During each session clients receive emotional and healing support to aid them with moving forward in their lives, releasing old patterns and habits. Clients are given simple energy techniques to take home to reinforce the work accomplished on the table. Eva values the importance of working together and helping her clients to be proactive and included in the healing process. As each energy session is addressing the client’s acute personal needs, protocols are also being addressed on a deeper level with the intention of moving the client forward towards having their Grid (the 9th energy system) repaired. It is necessary to work all 8 energy systems prior to working the Grid. However, Eva has reinterpreted Donna Eden’s grid and is able to repair the grid when and if it comes up while clearing and rewriting and old pattern using sound therapy. Shifting and enlightening is a process; Eva honors this evolving process and is passionate about helping you move forward.

9 Energy Systems and The Grid

The 9 Energy Systems are Meridians, Chakras, Electrics, Triple Warmer, Aura, Celtic Weave, Five Rhythms, Radiant Circuits, and Grid. The Basic Grid is the 9th Energy System, Donna Eden’s most noted discovery. It sits deep in the body, beneath the chakras and aura.The Grid pathway can be damaged by shock or trauma resembling a highway that has been divided by an earthquake. When this pathway is separated or ruptured, the Grid energy is still there despite not being able to bridge the gap, causing an imperiled energetic foundation. Therefore, Grid sessions are most helpful for those who have tried lots of alternative health treatments without success. It is interesting to note that the trauma could have happened as early as birth or at any other point in your life. Repairing the Grid can give you a new lease in life.

Energy sessions are generally 1- 1.5 hours for $135. Grid is the exception, allowing approximately 3 hours and costing an extra $100.

Donna Eden’s Basic Grid protocol is only offered by an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. Eva completed the Grid and Regression training with Donna Eden in 2012. She has completed the 4 year Advanced Practitioner Certificate program and continued the yearly clinical classes required by Donna Eden.

Common Terminology in EEM


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Meridians are pathways in the body that carry energy to the organs. For instance, the Kidney meridian carries energy to the kidneys. The acupuncturist works the meridians. One way I work the meridians is by holding certain acupuncture points to balance them.

Radiant Circuits

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This energy system brings joy to the body. An example of activating the radiant circuits is by laughing! Or scratching your back. There are actual pathways you can trace to help with certain conditions like depression, hormonal imbalances, and connecting with others to name a few. These are on my website under videos, if you would like to learn to trace them.


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The electrics is an energy system that helps with shock, heart issues, and shaking to name a few.

Daily Energy Routine

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This routine is very powerful and covers a wide variety of issues that can prevent problems. I always do the 3 thumps, the hookup and zip up. So try to start integrating those into your daily life and watch your body heal!

Muscle Testing

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his is a science called Applied Kinesiology. Eva uses the O-ring test to gather information. For instance, when testing you to vials, she is looking for a positive or negative response. If it is negative, that means you have a sensitivity to the vial.


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IThe 7 chakras (root, womb, stomach, heart, throat, pineal, and crown) hold all of your experiences…like thoughts, smells, motions. They tell your story. It is best to clean them regularly to remove negativity.


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Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds you. An easy way to work it is to figure 8 yourself; this also strengthens every organ in your body. An example of working your aura is by looking at my video under the Daily Energy routine and doing the Celtic Weave. Doing the figure 8s works too!


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The grid is the 9th energy system and what Donna Eden is recognized for discovering. The Grid is like the foundation of your house. We often have a crack(s) in our grid, which can be repaired. The grid usually breaks when something traumatic has happened in your life. In order to repair the grid, you need to work the other systems first. Depending on the person and their state of health, it can take anywhere from 7-10 energy sessions and then I can repair it. It is a wonderful experience that differs for each person. One person who had a tendency towards depression said she never goes there anymore. Another person said that her sense of joy came back.


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A vortex can appear in a number of places on the body (over eyes, ears, breasts, belly button, etc.). It is a swirl of energy that can spin inward, outward or in both directions. This generally happens when there is too much energy in the body, often from an emotional issue. Vortices are thematic in nature, so you want to learn the message behind the vortex to help it stay away.

Seed Celling

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Seed celling is a protocol that rewires the body for something that constantly comes out of balance. For instance, you could spoon your feet to ground yourself and then 30 mins later you would feel ungrounded. So seed celling staying grounded would help this to stop happening. I check everything for seed celling, including emotions. For instance, if you have trouble speaking in public, this technique can help you. Anything can be seed celled!


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