How to Cleanse


Eva recommends doing cleanses with the seasons: colon cleanse in January, the gallbladder in February, and then liver cleanse in April. She also recommends continuing cleansing with the seasons, summer (urinary system) and Fall (respiratory system.) **It is best to check with your doctor if you are on medications prior to cleansing. Eva recommends being cleared of sensitivities prior to cleansing for more ease through the process.**

Colon Cleanse (January)

Think about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life as you go into doing a colon cleanses, whether you do coffee enemas yourself, a Nature Sunshine Tiao He cleanse, a colonic from a professional, or salt water flushes. All of this will help to prevent disease, plus enable you to think clearer, sleep better, and have healthy skin, to name a few advantages! The colon, or large intestine, not only passes all the foods you eat but has a lot to do with “letting go” and “surrendering” old beliefs and grudges that are no longer benefiting you. So you might think about what you are holding on to and let it go. Normal stools should be light enough to float; bowel movements should be regular, daily, and effortless. Eva prefers 2-3x/day. The stool should be almost odorless, signaling decreased bowel transit time; there should be little or no flatulence. Eva recommends a colon cleanse several times a year.

You need to cleanse if:
● You are constipated most of the time
● You feel heavy and logy
● You get sick frequently
● You are always tired
● You have a coated tongue, bad breath or body odor
● Your skin is unusually sallow and dull
● You have a disease like lupus, arthritis, etc
● Your cholesterol numbers are high.

If you have cancer, you should check with your doctor before doing a colon cleanse. Often wheatgrass enemas are suggested versus coffee enemas. However you choose to cleanse, a colonic or enema, is a good way to start. Eva prefers that you have gone through her sensitivity elimination program prior to cleansing. Having a sensitivity to vitamin c, citrus, minerals, calcium, sodium and potassium, zinc, etc definitely limits the support the body needs to go through the colon cleansing process. If choosing enemas, you most likely need to stick with it for a period of time. She am not a fan of drugstore laxatives, as they can be destructive to the intestinal membranes and don’t address the root issue. Exercise, several warm baths, drinking 8 glasses of water, chlorophyll, enzymes, fruits and vegetables, probiotics at night, are all good to do during the cleansing time. Nature sunshine has several bowel cleanses that are helpful: CleanStart mild cleanse, proactazyme (take after complex meals), food enzymes (helps with heartburn), bifidophilus (probiotic to take at night), Acidophilus (probiotic that helps with wheat issues to take at night), bowel detox, cascara sagrada (if only eliminate every 3 days or so), ultrbiome DTX, Rejuvenaid kit. Tiao He cleanse, Detox basics, Dieter’s cleanse are a few to read about on the Nature’s Sunshine site.


Gall Bladder Cleanse (February)

Eva recommends doing a gall bladder cleanse in the Spring after you have cleaned out the colon. Start by taking the Gallbladder Formula from Nature’s Sunshine (3 capsules/day) for 2 weeks prior to the cleanse to prepare the body for the cleanse. The gallbladder holds the emotion frustration so it is a good idea during this time to let go of your frustrations. Asking yourself during these 2 weeks why you are frustrated and realizing that it is your choice to respond with frustration are now opportunities to shift this thinking into assertiveness. The heart and gallbladder are polar opposites on the traditional Chinese model so taking time to connect to your heart’s desires may help you to shift your perspective and do something about your frustration.

You may take 1-3 days to do this cleanse and it may be best to consult your health professional assisting you. Because I so this yearly, I do the 1 day cleanse. The night before you begin, take a natural laxative, like bowel detox from Nature’s Sunshine. The next day, eat apples, some pears, and drink about a gallon of unfiltered organic apple juice all day as well as water or herbal tea. At night, take another bowel detox and a probiotic (Eva uses bifidophilus). Juice organic lemons to make ½ cup and mix with ½ of good quality extra virgin olive oil. After you are completely ready for bed, lie on your right side and drink this lovely concoction VERY QUICKLY; like 3 gulps…no pausing. Stay lying on your right side with your legs curled up staying in this position for at least 30 minutes. Keeping Tei Fu oil on your bedside table to put a dab on your tongue after drinking the lemon juice/olive oil concoction is refreshing for your breath, but not a necessity.

In the morning, you should eliminate the excess bile; it will look like little green peas. If you do not see these peas, take another bowel detox supplement. Because the gallbladder and heart are polar opposites, sometimes the body may choose to eliminate when heart is most active at 11am-1pm. You might need to continue to take the bowel detox that night to continue to move the process. Try having a grapefruit to start off breakfast breakfast and eat healthy that day and forward! That is eating your fruits first and then follow with your meal; 80% fruits and vegetables is best. 20% grains, nuts, meats. Follow with a Liver Cleanse around Spring.


Liver Cleanse (April)

The liver holds the emotion anger and is paired with the gallbladder on the Traditional Chinese Model chart.  For the liver cleanse, use Liver Cleanse Formula from Nature’s Sunshine. Take 1 pill the first day and work up to 15 pills/day on the 15th day. Then on the 16th day, go to 14 pills/day and back down to 1 pill/day on the 30th day. On about the 6th day, take 3 pills in the a.m. and 3 pills in the p.m. This cleanse takes 1 month and 2.5 bottles.


Bladder/Kidney Cleanse (June)

The bladder and kidney are paired organs and water elements according to 5 Elements Chart. They hold the energy of inward (kidney) and outward fear (bladder) versus trust. The night before you begin, drink 1⁄4 tsp of vit C.

To Cleanse the urinary system:

On rising: Drink lemon water with 3 tsp of organic cranberry concentrate added. You can order from Nature’s Sunshine the Urinary System Pack. Eva usually does the one week kidney flush: Drink three 8 oz glasses of watermelon juice per day or 3 cups of watermelon cubes. Eat only fresh vegetable salads and fruit- you want the highest natural water content available in your foods. Sometimes she adds Kidney activator to my cleanse.


Respiratory Cleanse (August)

The lung and large intestine are paired organs on the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements chart. They are metal elements all about inspiration and awe, and surrender when healthy versus overwhelm, grief, and grudges, resentment feelings. Because they are Fall elements, all about the time of reflecting before the new year, it is a good idea to do in late summer/early Fall to strengthen them for their optimal time of year. We discussed doing the colon cleanse at the beginning of the year. It’s a good idea to do again this time of year. Then you can move into doing a lung cleanse.

You need a lung cleanse if:
● You have chronic phlegmy cough
● You wheeze ( and most likely have a magnesium sensitivity)
● Runny nose in any weather (also have sensitivities)
● You are a smoker
● You are sensitive to chemicals and pollutants
● You have a tendency to get sick every winter.

To cleanse the lungs:
Take bowel detox at night. Upon rising, drink lemon water (2 squeezed lemons) with 1T of maple syrup; or a glass of apple, grapefruit, or cranberry juice; or a glass of organic apple cider vinegar (1-2T) with hot water and honey. For breakfast: drink diluted grapefruit or pineapple juice (as an expectorant) with a tablespoon of greens. Nature’s sunshine has Green Zone Ultimate, Nature’s Three. Mid-morning drink some carrot juice or blue people tea, comfrey-fenugreek tea for example. For lunch: Make a potassium broth, or a warm vegetable or miso broth. Take some vit C.

For a mid afternoon snack: Take some more greens drink and 1⁄4 tsp of vit C
For dinner: Have a mixed vegetable soup with 1T of miso. You could even have 4 T of sunflower seeds or make the potassium Essence Broth.
Before bed: Have some non-concentrated apple-cranberry or apple-carrot juice. Nature’s sunshine has a breathe deep roll-on, ALJ ( helps heal the lungs, lymph ), lung support, chlorophyll, immune support, respiratory system pack to assist with cleansing. It does help to
know how to muscle test. If you choose to do the respiratory packet, you can implement the above food choices loosely. Meditating and breathing exercises are important; the meaning of life experiment app has some good meditations for a beginner; a ginger-cayenne compress on the chest can increase circulation and loosen mucus. Eucalyptus, tea tree oils diluted can also help in warm baths.