Eva’s Sensitivity Removal

ESR helps your body adjust to natural living.

What is ESR?

How Eva does ESR

This is a technique that Eva has created which incorporates several different modalities. She first determines what an individual’s sensitivity is by using muscle testing and a sample vial of the sensitivity whether it is a food, environmental toxin, emotion, heavy metal, immune system, enzyme. It can be anything: a person, place or thing. Then uses Donna Eden techniques to balance the energies and prepare the body followed by using a basic energetic protocol of tapping pathways and acupuncture points to reprogram the body. Finally, she finishes using radionics equipment to set the treatment. The energy then travels through 12 meridians releasing the body from the sensitivity. The radionics equipment frees the client from having to avoid the sensitivity for 25 hours, which makes the process much simpler than other methods. Sometimes with complicated health issues or weak constitutions more treatments can be necessary. This method generally lasts a lifetime, but it is an energetic protocol so concussions or emotional shock could cause for a repetitive session.  

How it works

Same protocol treating a wheat issue:

  • Eva reprograms the body to grain. Symptoms improve. Future reprogramming can involve any of the following scenarios in any order.
  • You experience bloating or having a skin issue again. Next, we do Grain/DNA. Symptoms improve.
  • Again, you have a negative reaction. We look at grain/RNA.
  • Again you have another negative reaction, so we look at grain in combination with all the other vials/foods.
  • Another scenario may be collecting a pinch of all the foods you eat over a 2 week period, and reprogramming to the baggie of foods.

The energy flows in this way: beginning with the Lung Meridian, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Circulation/Sex (or the pericardium), Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder and ending with Liver. It takes 2 hours to go through each meridian. As it passes through each meridian, you may experience discomfort or healing. After the 25 hour period is over, it may take 3 days-1 week for the body to rebalance. For instance, if we desensitize you to a lot of vitamins, the body can now absorb them. So it is important to be patient as you re-balance. 

Investment: 1 vial $50, 2-3 vials $75, 4 or more $100. In the past, these were done one at a time costing $50 and you had to avoid the sensitivity during the 25 hr clearing period. This new way can be done in groups with no diets. It can also be done remotely offering you support when you are anywhere in the world. Eva guarantees her remote work. So if you come in and what she has reprogrammed you has not held, she will redo for free. If it is due to an emotional or physical trauma, there is a nominal fee.

Ways this can help you

Food Sensitivities

Weight loss/gain


Environmental Sensitivities

Hormonal Imbalances


Chemical Sensitivities




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