Happy Fall! It’s the time of year for reflecting and strategizing for 2019! I usually do this when I plant my winter garden; working in the garden is a type of meditation that offers me one of my best thinking times. Having quiet time is important, not only for my spiritual growth, but for allowing time to get re-centered and re-grounded in my truth. I can begin to set intentions for the New Year and try to focus on an emotion or pattern that no longer resonates with me. This recognition helps me choose my resolutions. For instance, when I was working on trusting my intuition, I chose to focus on developing my muscle testing skills and to complete my Alliance of Divine Love ministry classes. These steps challenged me to move further into my truth. I must admit though, after a year of building trust, I had to go through 6 months of letting go of doubt! Sometimes, shifting is a process.

I often say, “If you don’t believe in God, get into energy work; and if you don’t trust yourself, practice muscle testing!” It will help you to stop doubting! And if you want to continue developing your intuition and learn how to strengthen and expand your connection to your higher self, then explore the offerings of the Alliance of Divine Love (ADL) ministry. My husband, Hunter, and I signed up for ADL for different reasons. I have a good friend that suggested the class, and I thought it would be helpful because of all the intuitive counseling I offer in my health practice. I had no idea how it would alter my life. But it did! I expanded leaps and bounds and it pushed me to do things I would otherwise not have done. Hunter saw the changes in me and decided to sign up too. Not only have we both grown as a couple and now have a greater understanding, love and appreciation for each other, but we have also developed and expanded spiritually enough to make wonderful shifts in our lives. ADL is helping us to live more fully in the highest degree of Love, and we can see and appreciate the miracles of the living daily. The impact was so powerful that we became ADL mentors, teaching the ministry classes, and students of the ADL doctoral program.