Hopefully 2017 will be a year of moving forward and manifesting your dreams. As you can see below, my husband and I are offering ongoing Meditation classes on the “The Meaning of Life” every other Monday,starting 1/23/2017.

On the “other” Mondays, I will be teaching Eden Energy Medicine classes on very specific and useful topics. Look for details below and on my website.

I also want to update you about new equipment that uses a full spectrum of frequencies to heal many “dis-eases.” The new range of coverage is very comprehensive. Patients no longer sit with front and back plates, and the frequencies are emitted while we do energy work, and even in group sessions.

The other big news: “special” diets during the sensitivity removals are of the past! SO: No special diets; AND multiple sensitivities can be removed simultaneously! These treatments and energy work can also be done remotely.

I have integrated intuitive counseling and Inner Child work while working the nine (9) energy systems. As part of our doctorate work as ordained ministers, my husband and I will be offering Inner Child/family and marriage counseling classes soon.

Many of you already know that I am constantly evolving my skills, so check in for that seasonal cleanup and progressive energy session to help you stay on the track of ease and grace! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!