Sensitivities do not just involve environmental issues; when you have an environmental issue, you have an internal issue too. When you get rid of the internal issue, often the environmental sensitivity goes away.

I am not allowed to use the word allergies because I am not an MD; I am am ND, which is a Naturopathic Doctor. I choose many holistic approaches to heal the body naturally. We are made of energy; therefore I tap into and teach all about how to direct your energies to feel better. ESR (Eva’s Sensitivity Removal) is a technique I have created that uses several different approached in one.

I have a client who could not eat without stomach pain for 4 years. We looked at the emotional component (worry and grief) and then began reprogramming the body to certain food groups like calcium, vit C, B complex etc. This enabled her to begin eating foods and after 1.5-2 months she had gained 12 pounds and continues to gain weight!