In order to lose weight, I feel it is easiest to do if you don’t bloat and can absorb all the nutrients from the fresh foods you should be eating. Let’s say you choose to do the Master Cleanse which involve lots of lemons/limes and maple syrup. I have seen people do this diet for 10 days and lose only 5-6 pounds. That’s a long time of only drinking the lemonade concoction for 5-6 pounds. This is usually because they have a sensitivity to lemons or limes or sugar or may have yeast and or parasites ( which love sugar!). So before I ever cleanse or go on a diet or attempt to lose weight, I make sure I am “cleaned up.” By “cleaned up” I mean your sensitivities ( like vit C and B complex, etc) have been removed and you do not have parasites, yeast, viruses, bacteria, molds, etc causing stresses on the body. Along with “clean up” I recommend the book, The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomeroy.

The diet requires eating every 3 hours lots of food along with an easy exercise program. It just requires being organized. I cook enough grains at one time for the 2 days and I experiment with all the varieties of good food offered during each of the 3 phases. Check it out! I, along with many clients, all lost 15-20 pounds in one month. Then whenever we feel we have gained weight we just go back on for 1 week. The body recognizes the fast metabolism and kicks it into gear!